“Milton Glaser’s “I Heart NY” is the eponymous rebus for Gotham. As an artist, I have painted many of Manhattan’s landmarks, on location, becoming part of the fabric of the city. The instant I heard about the New York Times redesign project, I knew I had to get in on this.
First, I brought Glaser’s original image into Photoshop.

After selecting all four shapes, I then selected the inverse and clicked delete — revealing a simple template. Next, I took snippets of my location paintings, and began inserting them into the background. After some trial and error, I chose four paintings near and dear to my heart. The top two icons include sky, the bottom two show purely architecture… this was a dialectic visual cue to create depth.

“All in, this design allowed me to share my love of every inch of this city, from Battery Park to the Upper, Upper East Side.”

The “I” features the Woolworth Building at night, which was painted from the 32nd floor of 7 World Trade Center; the Heart is made up of the skyline from Time Out New York’s 12th floor office; the “N” is the 59th Street Apple Store; and the “Y” is The Guggenheim. Each painting captures important views and experiences in my life.

The Woolworth Building was my first night painting, and provided a true opportunity to soak up the evolving World Trade Center rebirth. There is something indescribably peaceful about painting the sparkling lights. Following being named Time Out New York’s Most Creative New Yorker in December 2009, Time Out agreed to let me paint their stunning view.

Spending a few weeks at TONY HQ truly illuminated how hard everyone works to give New York a list of what’s hot each week. Behind the Apple Store lies the GM building, where I was part of a team that closed a 500 million dollar construction loan. The closing took 48 hours… I remember the sun setting, rising, setting and rising again before we were done. And, of course, The Guggenheim, a building I intend to paint every summer for the next twenty years (this is painting number two.)

All in, this design allowed me to share my love of every inch of this city, from Battery Park to the Upper, Upper East Side.”

Borbay. Voted Time Out New York’s Most Creative New Yorker in 2009, Upper East Side artist Borbay has painted on-location around the world, including The Guggenheim, TriBeCa Grand, Woolworth Building, Elaine’s, Chrysler Building, Hancock Tower (Chicago) and San Marco Cathedral (Milan). His work is composed of collaged New York Post headlines, and layer upon layer of acrylic paint. Driven to capture the actuality of society, this series visually displays the paradox of love, lust, murder, sex, sports, betrayal, triumph, religion, rape and politics in one place… concepts any person reading a daily newspaper will see juxtaposed without a second thought.

His architectural impressionist collage paintings have been featured in Time Out New YorkWall Street Journal JapanNew York PostWhitewallThe Huffington Post and more. Carlos Fresneda of El Mundo recently penned, “The undisputed kings of the season are undoubtedly BanksyShepard Fairey and Mr. Brainwash, backed this week by the new local hero, Jason Borbay , re-inventor (of) collage.” Process-driven, Borbay shares the creation of each piece through social media, posting frequent updates to his blogTwitterLinkedIn andFacebook accounts. If art plus social media is the new frontier, Borbay intends to be at the forefront. His works have been acquired for private collections around the world; as well as the permanent corporate collections of Red Bull, Pabst Blue Ribbon and BEVFORCE.

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Dozens of Ways to ♥ New York.Via The New York Times: “Now that JetBlue Airways is using Milton Glaser’s famous “I ♥ NY” logo in a new advertising campaign, The Times asked readers to imagine commingling Mr. Glaser’s logo with other New York brands or slogans.”