card is probably not free if you are Alec Monopoly who had to bounce home for his sold out art show because the NYPD is not down with his scene.  too bad he can’t borrow from the community chest.

Huffington Post reports: In the past weeks leading up to this exhibition, uniformed and plain-clothed police officers have been stopping by the studio and gallery, asking neighbors about Alec, and were observed staking out his intersection on more than one occasion. Alec has credible cause to believe his cell was tapped, and has relied on pre-paid
booster phones. That he is under surveillance may be a surprise to those unfamiliar with how the NYPD has treated artists since Giuliani bolstered “quality of life” crime enforcement in the ’90s, largely kept in place by Mayor Bloomberg. Painters selling their work on the street as well as graffiti artists have been thrown in jail, with their artwork confiscated and destroyed.

Free get of jail cards for you to go check out his exhibit.

Ah, the graffati cops never stop; do they?  Sleeping with one eye open.

300 W 22nd Street.