As you always say you are getting “old” and The New Club Kids are moving…close. Edging in on your beloved downtown. Smack your bitch, up.

Your old boy Mattie is moving to Bunker comparing it ever-so-slight to the catacombs of Paris.  Dude; how does Kenmare stack up?  He dumped the Fedoras for Knitted Caps and he has nice advice “As a kid, I got rejected all the time. If you dress nicely, show up with a good attitude and a pretty girl, you can cut down on your rejections. But no one can ever be 100 percent. In anything. That’s my philosophy.”

Watch out Chloe: Mia is coming. Sorry, Samantha: she DJ’s.

What else?  Gay Australians! Check.Band of Outsiders Button Down.  Seattle Flannel shirts.  Eyes Wide Shut New Years themes.

Don’t worry; they aren’t donning your fancy suits.  Nope. These are plaid kids. Plain and simple.  Beards.  Unruly.  Jeans. And they DJ. And they are knocking at your door. Nicely?  Hmm….