“It was The New York Times who was taking submissions for adaptations of the original I ♥ logo, specifically coupled with a New York City brand and I actually really do ♥ The New York Times so it was kind of a no brainer. I don’t have a physical subscription to the New York Times but have often thought about doing so on the weekends.

“The only time I really have to read the paper is at work, which I do just about everyday online. If something in the New York City area or the world is happening the New York Times will know about it. I also get email notifications from the New York Times which helps me stay on top of breaking news and events.”

What are your favorite sections in the Sunday paper? “Well again, I don’t have a subscription but my favorite parts of the online newspaper are definitely the Dining section, any of the videos and the interactive graphics. Modern Love in the Fashion section is quite good too.”

And, what single section do you go to first on Sunday? “Doesn’t really apply to me as I don’t get the paper delivered but if I did it would probably be the Travel section. Sunday is a great day to dream of places to go.”

Note to New York Times from Kate: Please get our friend a subscription for the holidays!

Jess Eddy is a New York City based User Experience Designer with some technology and strategic business chops. She take a highly intelligent approach to online and creative projects and have a knack for product/software development and user interface and Web-application design.

Dozens of Ways to New York.Via The New York Times: “Now that JetBlue Airways is using Milton Glaser’s famous “I NY” logo in a new advertising campaign, The Times asked readers to imagine commingling Mr. Glaser’s logo with other New York brands or slogans.”