Very cool website which begs for participation from you dear photographer; dear reader; dear live wire.

Check out: Unseen NYC. The message is simple, clear, concise:

It’s also not about Banksy’s publicity stunts, but that’s a little closer to what we’re going after.

UnseenNYC is about what catches your eye.  On the subway, on the street, just off the NYU campus, around Central Park or a collection of people trying to make sense of Times Square on their first visit to the city.

It’s a visual embodiment of that unspoken language New Yorkers seem to know inherently.  The way a community is formed on each subway car, on each train throughout the city.  These images are the unseen aspects of beauty in this city  –  the freckles beneath your shirt.

It’s art where the canvas might be illegal, but the message is still just as important.

Makes me think New York is still alive after checking out some of the snaps.