“The thing about that New York Times request to commingle Milton Glaser’s logo with other slogans or Brands was that many if not all of the submissions did not follow the assignment!  That alone was funny.

I loved the submissions especially the pretzel one and I think there were two of them.  One in red and the other was a picture of an actual pretzel in place of the heart.  How did I decide on the my design?  The first thing that popped into my head was my friend Andre Betz who works in New York at his own company Bugedit.  He wears the characteristic nerdy glasses and he is like the epitome of a successful sheik nerd.  Actually, I think his glasses kind of define him. That and he is bald on most of his head, but he looks good bald. not like most of us.   I have this kind of game I play with him where I send him Photoshopped images of pictures- I randomly find on the internet-referring to his glasses or him in some way.  Basically, I like to poke fun at him, but it is because he is easy to make fun of and sometimes I think he needs a little more fun and not take himself too seriously. Actually the same is true for myself.  One was of him as Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes.  I found this image on the internet of an older Calvin holding a stuffed animal of Hobbes.  I made him bald with some silly badly drawn wisps of hair on his head and also stuck in an iphone and earphones and a set of Audi carkeys in his hand. I sent it to Andre.  He loved it and put it as his profile picture.  So back to Logo.  I searched for an image of the quintessential nerdy glasses on Google images.  Found one at a decent resolution and saved it.  Brought it into Photoshop. Cut out all the white around and inside the glasses and then copied it and pasted it onto the I Heart NY logo.  I mean it was quick and dirty.  I sent it to Andre immediately after.  Incidentally, I got no response from him on this one. But I am going to send it to him again.  I like the design, I think I mis-labeled it when I put in “I love Nerds in New York”  I think it should read.  I Love Nerdy New York. Oh well,  It was fun.”

Andrew Hopkins-Lisle is a Sculptor and Painter who was born in New York and is a New Yorker even though he lives currently in Portland, Maine with his Photographer wife Grace and daughter GiGi.  He is a graduate of The School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and Tufts University.  His favorite thing to do in New York is to ride the Subway and draw the unsuspecting passengers between stops.  His most notable sculptural works are a Giant Brain Model for Harvard Medical School and MIT, and a Portrait of Ali Akbar Khan, one of India’s most famous musicians.  Currently, he is working on a series of multiple 5″ x 7″ Aluminum Panels that include four letter text and etchings that will make-up a linear aluminum wall sculpture.

Dozens of Ways to New York.Via The New York Times: “Now that JetBlue Airways is using Milton Glaser’s famous “I NY” logo in a new advertising campaign, The Times asked readers to imagine commingling Mr. Glaser’s logo with other New York brands or slogans.”