This is plucked from the uber hip hop Hyde Or Die. Assuming you have the super hip, cool thing in your life that shuns the usuals.

“I think I am going to give you the pricey things (>$100) first so you can get your big gifts out of the way or don’t have to spend as much $$ on shipping, however you prefer to look at it.”

Brett Amory Waiting #53, 2005. I love the quiet in this piece. Edition of only 25, printed on archival paper for $100.
A 20”x24”, edition of 9, J. Bennett Fitts photograph.
Craig Damrauer Modern Art, 2002. A 16”x20” edition of only 50 will set you back $200. Great piece, great price.
Robbie Conal Contra Cocaine, 2010. Edition of 100, for $100? A steal of a deal.
Julia Chiang Home-made Remedy (still working it out), 2009. This is a lovely little object, only 30 are made.
Vik Muniz Untitled (Medusa Plate) 1999.