Max Fish was a love or hate for me.  Still, this two decade (that is twenty years, kids plus change) mainstay is on its way out…”looking for new space” but in today’s world that doesn’t add up to a hill of beans.

I mean the new Good World (well; I haven’t been but it’s hard to recreate things in life).

There is a collective tear in various beers; mostly of the hipster varietal.

The bar will shutter at the end of January because of rising costs and high rent, the owner said Wednesday.

“It’s scary for me,” Max Fish owner Ulli Rimkus told DNAinfo of her beloved bar at 178 Ludlow St., which was known for its artsy décor, cheap drinks and easygoing vibe. She chalked up the departure simply to “greed, greed, greed. Read more at DNA here.