Before those rumours were put to rest and a branch of Spring Street’s Balthazar hopped the pond.  As reported by Zagat, this time next year should be the magic.  Wonder what the bar steak and frites translates to via the pound.

Additionally, the WSJ .writes an interesting piece today on power lunches: The efficiency of mixing business with pleasure may have been embraced across Europe, but Britain remains the capital of the power lunch. Business lunches here last from one to two hours, and the speed of service often outweighs the quality of the food.

And no booze at lunch either…. My banker friend, who has an enviable wine cellar, told me that one of the paramount rules is that he never says he would like to drink. He leaves it to the guest to decide first and if they say no, he refrains from ordering even a glass. Sniffed one financier: “The Americans have a lot to answer for.”

Great news for London and Balthazar, but what about the blond NYC PR chicks?