“It’s really all Chinatown now,” said John A. Zaccaro Sr., owner of the Little Italy real estate company, founded by his father in 1935…The New York Times Little Italy, Littler by the Year.

Yes, it’s true, the exciting crammed feeling of strolling down Little Italy while channeling a young Michael Corleone is long long gone.  Intermixed and mingled in the old Italian family storefronts are foot massage joints, the latest faux purses, Chinese outdoor markets with exotic herbs and old ladies who spit as far as the eye can see.  It’s all true.

Any Italian romance gone except for the guys trying to lure you in with prix fix meals and watery tomatoe sauce.  I still like Da Nico’s.  But remember Little Charlies?  Umberto’s? A goner. Wait until the Noltians close in on the Chinese.  Oh, that will be the day.