And, if I have problems living in New York’s past circa 1998…this exhibit at The Barbican (you will need to jump the pond) will certainly have those in the 1970’s feeling quite nostalgic. The BBC put together a fantastic video here.

On the verge of bankruptcy in the 1970s, the disappearance of manufacturing and other major industries and the withdrawal of public services were turning the city into a centre of widespread unemployment and lawlessness. Artists responded by taking over derelict spaces to make and exhibit their work, by using the city itself as the medium or setting for their work, by creating opportunities to engage directly with the public out of doors and by building a vibrant arts community.

I declare! If only artists today would create in the economic times, using what we have available to create edge instead of copying blue prints of what has been done…now that is an idea! Otherwise, we are just falling down the same rabbit hole.

(Thanks to PD Smith) never fails to inspire and point out the old times.

Photos by: Tricia Brown