It’s hard to write about someone who is gone.  Michael Wilson’s piece in The New York Times takes a great look at Vincent Cipriano, or Vinny Sip, “as he’s been called since he was a kid on Mott Street” and his small role in the Godfather Part Two.

Vinny;  the “local’s local” is one of those guys.   He lit up the Spring Lounge with his contagious laughter, his observations about the changing neighborhood, passerby’s, his love for the Yankees displayed by a hat (much to the chagrin of Mets fans and those who can’t stand to love the winning dynasty) and his upbeat attitude.

“There’s so little left of the old neighborhood,” Vinny said.   Now there’s one less person from the old neighborhood, right at the corner of Mulberry and Spring Street, at the center of the world to those who know it; the Spring Lounge which houses locals among the pools of tourists and visitors.

Gone but not forgotten. So long, local. So long, Vinny and long live the Yankees (oh, I plan to keep your memory alive with the Bronx boys)!  I’ll will rub in their wins to everyone who can’t stand them.