The original of the original of the original.

It was not Original Ray’s or Famous Ray’s or Original Famous Ray’s or Real Ray’s or Ray’s on Ice or any of the other cloned shops sprinkled like shredded mozzarella all over town.

The end of another classic institution shrouded in legal battles, drugs and mafia history (The New York Times back story reads like a Goodfellas script).  Ray’s, the nondescript little pizza shop closes after San Gennaro, and will become another high-profile, overly-descript NoLita storefront charging rent out the yin-yang, unless of course,

“Maybe Wahlberg or DiCaprio will come in,” she (Ms. Mistretta) said, chuckling and then serious. “Don’t put this is the end. You never know.”

[Image via Aaron Landry’s Flickr]