Don’t feel dizzy or wish you could speed down the frames coming fast and furious. This was the avant-garde.

This is New York…in 1968.

The NYT City Room blog shares a 160 second clip from experimental filmmaker Hollis Frampton’s 1968 piece SURFACE TENSION. More info on Hollis here.

NYT’s Andy Newman writes:

It is that, to be sure, probably, but it is also a time capsule: a high-speed summer stroll on what looks to be a weekend up Broadway, past the Strand Bookstore through Union Square and on until the filmmaker can literally walk no farther: the water’s edge.

While such time-lapse movies (videos) have become commonplace these days, they were pretty radical back then, and thanks to the miracle of the pause button (who knows what Frampton would have had to say about that)  you can dive deep into every frame.

Some of us here have found it remarkable to see how much the city has changed in 44 years. Others noted that the city’s streets feel pretty much the same.

You be the judge.

(**Check out the slowed-down version of the clip as sent in by a NYT reader)