The video art and photography of Neil Goldberg.

From The New York Times: For years now the artist Neil Goldberg has focused his gaze and camera intently on this interstitial other, the corners of experience “we all seem to have agreed are not worth paying attention to,” he said the other day in his small studio on Canal Street, on a block of laundries and cash-for-gold jewelry stores where he has worked since the early 1990s. (read more here)

More from the NYT piece: The subway has always been oddly calming for him, he said, a place where most decisions are made by others “and your only choices are uptown or downtown, express or local.” He has returned there often as an artist, sometimes surreptitiously and sometimes as a kind of director of happenstance, posing friends and strangers with hair dancing in a Pre-Raphaelite subway-wind swirl.