Who am I?

Boy, good question. I’m still working on that.This is a works in progress. I’m a works in progress.

The air is oddly different in New York.

In the words of Thomas Wolfe…perhaps you just “can’t go home again.” Still, one can pretend. Through my observations, I attempt to make sense of change, even in the mall-like atmosphere, which currently grips the City.

The G i r l : Kate Donnelly is a writer, cultural enthusiast and photographer. She worked in the New York film world for ten years (@ New Line Cinema andRevolution Studios). Earlier stints include the American Film Institute, Clinton-Gore White House, and the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City. In 2000 (Y2K), she sailed down the Amazon River and recently traveled to Barcelona, Argentina and Uruguay. She doesn’t know how to properly dive into a swimming pool but still tries.

One day, she will surf.

☛ talk»ilovednewyork@gmail.com