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Print Magazine (2005).



Agreed and agreed especially on the overplayed  “Zeitgeist.”

Words and phrases that Kurt Anderson found annoying and didn’t want used in New York Magazine during his tenure as editor. (via Theory & Hero by way ofyoumightfindyourself)

I’ve had about a million in New York City.

Now see Adrian Tomine’s workspace for yourself.

“my studio looks like it belongs to an anal-retentive architect or something”

It’s organized and without chaos.

follow @fromyourdesks (it won’t disappoint).

MoMA, dining out, football or a film, the Highline and brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes.

Perhaps it’s the uptown romantic in me, but I really enjoyed this piece on Liz Taylor’s dentist, Irwin Smigel in Sunday’s New York Times.  And this…

My two oldest grandchildren told me about this incredible place called the Boom Boom Room at the Standard Hotel, so a few weeks ago, Lucia and I decided to see it for ourselves. We called and asked when people our age should come there, and the hostess said, “Not after 10 p.m.” So we went for brunch at the Standard Grill and then went up and took a peek at the Boom Boom Room. The kids were right; it’s some place.

The Wall Street Journal put together a great piece Diving Into Downtown Culture where a nice line up of artists will present various murals.

A welcome piece of history still making it in gentrified neighborhood, perhaps the last legitimate dive bar left on the East Side scene.

“You look at it now, and it’s just amazing that it’s even hanging on,” said David Allen, a downtown resident since the mid 80’s. Mr. Allen, an influential illustrator with several paradigmatic punk album covers to his credit, will participate in this month’s Mars Bar show. He noted that a tiny and scrappy corner bar dwarfed by luxury housing is itself a combination of poetic irony and economic reality. “It does, I suppose, speak to the kind of twilight period that the economy’s in right now,” he said.

“If you have this idea about moving to New York and hanging out in the East Village in the 70’s,” Mr. Spivak said, “that is sort of how you would picture it. Mars Bar is probably the last relic of that scene.”

As Avi Spivak says in his blog: “Come celebrate the Lower East Side as it once was…”

Through November 6, 2010; Pratt Manhattan is showcasing You Are Here → Mapping the Psychogeography of New York City with a great assortment of artists which From Your Desks will certainly be stalking later today.

(A few) works created specifically for “You Are Here” include:
· a three-dimensional map of the lower Manhattan skyline made of a Jell-O-like material by Liz Hickok
· an anxiety map of the five boroughs lit by sweat-powered batteries by Daniela Kostova and Olivia Robinson
· a “Loneliness Map” from Craigslist’s Missed Connections by Ingrid Burrington
· a scratch-and-sniff map of New Yorkers’ smell preferences by Nicola Twilley
· a cemetery map of Polish ancestors’ graves by Kim Baranowski
· an installation constructed from city ephemera by Pratt faculty member Robbin Ami Silverberg

“Contributing artists—some New Yorkers, others not—were invited to use inventive cartographic concepts to reflect the city’s abundant, colliding moods. The resulting projects reveal a range of reactions to the city’s heightened levels of stimulus, some energizing (discovery, delight, amusement, ambition, solidarity) and others melancholic (longing, loss, vulnerability, anxiety, isolation).”

I’m a big fan of Ingrid Burrington‘s “Loneliness Map” and Rick Meyerowitz “Sub Culinary Map”

I count myself in to see this exhibit in October and will report back.

IF and only IF we are lucky.

This just in via The New York Times. Yes, we are talking the advent of boozy milkshakes. Hey, I grew up in Kansas City with Frosted Malts from Winsteads.  Whose to say I didn’t spike that thick, rich milky delight?  Luscious chocolate and hints of powerful alcohol entice. This isn’t just your standard Baileys and Cream, mate. Another something for the (fairly annoying trend) of mixologists to concoct.

The grown up set is finally growing up.  That might just be a good sign too.

(Photo: NYT)

In the Opening Ceremony interview given by Humberto Leon,

HL: What is your favorite store in New York that is no longer open?

AW: There was an oculist on Prince Street that had great sunglasses and is sadly now a wine store.

1. A person who specializes in the medical treatment of diseases or defects of the eye; an ophthalmologist.
2. An optometrist.
Now, while I’ve done extensive research, still yet, where is this wine store?

(Anna Wintour Doll by Andrew Wang. Photo : NYT: Joshua David McKenney)

Four days and counting to support this brainchild of an idea by Brooklyn Grange Farm…green grass and fresh vegetables in big cities. NOVEL, unless you like walking around giant Wal-Mart mega centers in search of flimsy produce.  If you do…no need to read further.

I know (at least) 10 New Yorkers and ex-New Yorkers (I won’t name names) who could easily plop down $10-50 for this great produce blanket.  Please donate now! They are super close to their 20K goal…GET FRESH, Yo.

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