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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s a train.  A very pricey Jeff Koons train!

It was only a matter of time before the marriage of Jeff Koons and the High Line took shape.  Obviously, this rendering is in very premature phases because you wouldn’t want that thing to fall on your head.

The art installation, called Train, would feature a full-size replica of a 1943 Baldwin 2900 steam locomotive suspended from a crane above the Spur. 

The sculpture itself would be a completely new fabrication, and it would accommodate all the features to ensure public safety. As part of their research for the project, Koons and LACMA have conducted an extensive feasibility study for the project, and the German fabricator Arnold is currently conducting additional engineering studies, cost estimates, and exploring methods of fabrication. Prior estimates have placed the cost of the art installation at $25 million.


Christine Russell from the Atlantic talks about the Blue Moon tonight and tonight only…read it here.

Excerpt: “As you ring in the New Year, take your glass of champagne and toast the blue moon in the sky above. It’s a once in a generation thing, a rare astronomical happening that reminds us that while life is highly unpredictable, the heavens are not.

Tonight’s New Year’s Eve blue moon is the first since 1990. Another won’t roll around for another 19 years.  So the time to celebrate is now. I’ll walk outside tonight as the clock strikes twelve, bundled up and looking for a blue moon shining over the snowy mountain peaks of Aspen, CO. The blue moon is expected to be visible to New Year’s Eve celebrants across the U.S., Canada, Europe, South America and Africa, according to the AP’s Alicia Chang. And in New York City, the full moon will be competing with the glittery ball dropping in Times Square (maybe the cameras can capture both).”

So toast your local moon and kiss 09 and the early 2000’s adios.

(image: Astroprof)

“They’re rats with wings.”
—Woody Allen, from Stardust Memories


rip pigeon man.

I used to wake up (too early) to their coos outside my window in the West Village.  There is such a brilliant book, one of my favorites for gifts to those who have a pigeon horror story, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t have a pigeon story?

DONT BE SHY! SHARE YOURS HERE! (Mine: A recent stroll in the Central Village to spot a one-eyed, one-legged pigeon still getting it done).

Give the gift of the Canceled Flight; 101 Tried and True Pigeon Killing Methods. Graphics and extremely witty death sentences such as “The Ben Franklin, The Bruce Lee The Hibachi, The Airshow Disaster” exist  along with the plethora of contributors a la Dalek and Ryan McGinness.


a sampling of methods.

Stay clear.

INVASION! Off Daryl’s post and the Times Square of old, recalls the 42nd Street subway system (N,R) and the various creepy crawlers.  Those nasty damn rats.  Yes, the dirty, subterranean creatures who run the tracks and infest the city.  I recall riding shot gun at the front of the train and watching the little gray rodents scurry with their long tails circling behind.

Rats by Robert Sullivan

This in turn makes me want to read Rats: Observations on the History and Habitat of the City’s Most Unwanted Inhabitants (hey, it was in Anna Wintour’s Hermes beach gag a few summers back).  It’s been on my list for a long while.  Time to read.

Great interview from Powells with Robert Sullivan.

Dave: But what the book keeps pointing to is sanitation. Essentially this comes down to what we’re doing with our garbage.

Sullivan: Yes. Which comes down to our presence. What does our presence do? In Medieval Italy, there was a plan at one point… They thought it was amazing how much garbage rats ate, and they thought, What if we just give all our garbage to the rats? Then the rats would eat it and make it into these easily managed little… scat. Then they could just sweep it away and that would take care of all their garbage. We think rats are disgusting, but they’re not. They’re just another creature. It’s not their fault they live in our garbage. In fact, our garbage is our fault, if there’s any fault. The reason people are so disgusted by rats is that rats point to what is disgusting about us. We always have to have something bad in our sights to highlight our goodness. You need evil so that good can exist. Really, in nature, it can seem evil, but it’s not.

old + new worlds. "Manhattan 1609 vs. 2009: Natural Wonder to Urban Jungle," by Markley Boyer

Such as the fact the great island of Manhattan is an Island. Try and procure your September 2009 copy of National Geographic: MANHATTAN 1609 vs. 2009: Natural Wonder to Urban Jungle by Peter Miller and poke around the incredible amazing The Mannahatta Project Organization site. Perhaps my rantings about the new millenium  rantings hardly grasp the landscape and sheer, vast nature of the land (in 1609).  Truly amazing to stop and think about. (Image: “Manhattan 1609 vs. 2009: Natural Wonder to Urban Jungle,” by Markley Boyer

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